Quantum memory

Quantum data must be stored within a physical system. One readily accessible physical system is the Heisenberg ferromagnet, which has as its ground space the set of all symmetric states. By storing quantum data within a symmetric code, one can benefit from (1) the fact that such codes are left unchanged by the underlying dynamics of the Heisenberg ferromagnet, and (2) the quantum error correction properties of these symmetric codes.

I calculate bounds on the error of such quantum storage under physically realistic conditions. This calculation does not rely on any specific properties of symmetric codes apart from the number of errors they can correct. Hence, all symmetric codes with QEC properties can be used. Also I use the fact that the spectral gap of the Heisenberg ferromagnet can grow with the system size.

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Quantum Metrology

In the quantum metrology problem, one wishes to use a quantum resource to measure a signal with known structure but unknown strength. Quantum metrology does not require the full power of quantum computation, and might serve as an early use-case for quantum technologies.

The quantum resource in quantum metrology are probe states. Probe states are unfortunately fragile, and need to be designed to be robust against errors. Surprisingly, entanglement in a probe state, while necessary for quantum metrology, is not sufficient to allow robust metrology. The search for robust probe states is non-trivial, and symmetric probe states are good candidates.

Eventually quantum metrology will integrate with quantum error correction, to allow measurements to attain their maximum precision, namely via fault tolerant quantum metrology.

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Quantum computer

With respect to quantum computations, I am interested in (1) permutational quantum computation, (2) quantum simulation and (3) the resource theory of quantum computation.

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Quantum security

I have also worked in quantum cryptography, using my expertise of quantum information and quantum coding theory.

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