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Quantum Bespoke error correction codes

A quantum code describes how quantum data is spread among several quantum systems. In practical settings, quantum codes must perform in the context of an explicit physical system. I am interested in quantum bespoke codes, where quantum codes are studied with constraints that must imposed by the physical system. Customized quantum error correction potentially greatly improves the fidelity of quantum devices.

Using a system of linear equations to derive bespoke quantum error correction codes.

From linear algebra to bespoke quantum codes

Often we want to design a quantum code to satisfy constraints imposed by the physical system. To obtain feasible quantum codes, we often need to go beyond conventional quantum error correction frameworks to seek new codes. In a series of papers, I investigate using linear algebraic techniques to systematically construct tailor-made quantum codes.

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2020 Constructing quantum codes from any classical code and their embedding in ground space of local Hamiltonians

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2019 Permutation-invariant constant-excitation quantum codes for amplitude damping

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The logical codewords of gnu codes is given here. Gnu codes are permutation-invariant codes that are completely specified by three parameters: g, n, and u.

Permutation-invariant quantum codes

Permutation-invariant quantum codes, which are invariant under any permutation of the underlying physical systems, are one important family of quantum bespoke codes. Apart from the symmetry they exhibit, permutation-invariant quantum codes are also naturally immune against permutation errors that may occur during quantum communication. Moerover, permutation-invariant qubit codes lie in the ground space of any spin-1/2 Heisenberg ferromagnet, and are immune from the dynamics induced by any such quantum ferromagnet.

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Bosonic quantum codes

Many physical systems can be described as bosonic systems. I am interested in designing quantum bespoke bosonic codes, which are for example naturally leave invariant by the Hamiltonian of a quantum bus. This makes such codes suitable for transmission in quantum buses.

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2019 Permutation-invariant constant-excitation quantum codes for amplitude damping

Yingkai Ouyang, R. Chao IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 66 (5), 2921 - 2933

Quantum linear programming bounds

We introduce quantum weight enumerators for amplitude damping (AD) errors and work within the framework of approximate quantum error correction. In particular, we introduce an auxiliary exact weight enumerator that is intrinsic to a code space and moreover, we establish a linear relationship between the quantum weight enumerators for AD errors and this auxiliary exact weight enumerator. This allows us to establish a linear program that is infeasible only when AQEC AD codes with corresponding parameters do not exist.

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2020 Linear programming bounds for quantum amplitude damping codes

Yingkai Ouyang, C.Y. Lai 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), 1875-1879

Asymptotics of quantum codes

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2019 Causal limit on quantum communication

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Error Avoiding quantum codes

Permutation-invariant quantum codes can avoid exchange errors. There are other forms of errors apart from exchange errors that is advantageous to avoid, such as coherent phase errors. Coherent phase errors can be avoided using constant-excitation (CE) codes.

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Avoiding coherent errors with rotated concatenated stabilizer codes, Yingkai Ouyang, npj Quantum Information 7 (87)

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